Wednesday, November 15, 2006

A Taste of NY

Copied from my MySpace blog. Originally posted July 12, 2006.

We went to New York City for a few days in early June. It was my first time there and I can say that I do heart NY. It rained a lot while we were there, but that didn't keep us from enjoying ourselves. We had a lot of fun eating too much, wandering around in the rain and listening to the chorus of honking horns. I love how New Yorkers still believe, after years of trying, that honking their horns will make the light turn green, or make the construction disappear.

One of the highlights for me was on our first night. Mrs. Lloyd lined the rest of us up for a picture of us standing, drenched from the pouring rain, on the sidewalk in Times Square. Just as she snapped the picture, a guy who was crossing the street stepped up onto the curb and slipped and came crashing down. Ouch! Here is the picture.

The absolute best part for me came on our last day. Just south of Times Square, I saw perhaps the worst restaurant sign ever. I know New Yorkers are proud of their tough guy image, and to prove it they will eat anything. Even those pretzels that you buy on the street that taste like whatever kind of meat the pretzel vendor is also selling; hot dogs, kebabs, whatever. But this sign takes the "I'll eat anything" game too far.

Hair and Nail Deli Salad? Wow. Follow one of those suckers up with a big slab of turd cheesecake and you're a real New Yorker. What? Are you afraid of a little hair in your salad? Don't like eating fingernails? Don't be a baby.

I guess that they don't have the same strict public health laws in New York as we have here, designed to keep the hair and nails out of the salad.

Anyhow, I ordered up a big bowl of blonde garnished with Lee Press-ons . It was delicious.


True 2 Life said...

Comment copied from Lloyd's MySpace blog. Comment posted July 12, 2006

Nahhhh. Got one better. I live here in Brooklyn myself. And not far from me, is a sign hanging outside an asian retaurant that says "Toss your salad"

Videophile said...

Copied from my MySpace blog. Originally posted July 12, 2006.

Here you go. Taken in Hell's Kitchen NY, I believe 9th Ave in the mid 40's by yours truly. :)

I love the pics, especially the one where everyone is looking concerned for the man off-camera :)

→Thinker← said...

Comment copied from Lloyd's MySpace blog. Originally posted September 11, 2006.

Blonde garnished with Lee press ons. The different nail colors made me salavate. It was very good indeed. I also had that on my last trip down, before I tossed my salad.
Nice. ;)