Friday, January 14, 2011

For Immediate Release: Ravnfilms Inc. Releases Part Three in the Popular 'Ravn Boys' Trilogy

January 14, 2011, Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada - World famous film studio, Ravnfilms Inc has released the much anticipated third part in their blockbuster trilogy series, 'The Ravn Boys' this morning at 5:12 AM, Atlantic Standard Time.

The new movie, titled 'The Ravn Boys, Part 3: Nicholas Patrick', has received critical acclaim in a number of early reviews, notably a 5-Star review in the column, "Morning Rounds," in which well-known film critic, Dr. Leyanaar, called the film "absolutely lovely."

Ravnfilms' Executive Producer, Jodi Ravn, said that the production team knew they would have to pull out all the stops in order to satisfy fans of the first two episodes in the three-part series. "The movie-going public was used to our work being top quality on 'Part 1: Eric Larsen' (released February 2005) and 'Part 2: Alexander Liam' (released December 2007), so we worked hard to make this release another guaranteed hit," said Ravn from her temporary office in the Saint John Regional Hospital.

Ravnfilms' Director of Marketing, Lloyd Ravn, recapped many of the new movie's key selling points to assembled media representatives shortly after the screening. "We are particularly proud of how cute this release is, in keeping with the other titles in this series," beamed Ravn, with the excitement level of a new father.

The film will be on limited release at the Saint John Regional Hospital until January 15, when it will be shown in Sussex, NB, before being eventually released worldwide.

In an unusual glitch from typically well-polished Ravnfilms, the film's running time listed on the promotional materials was shown in Pounds, Ounces and Inches, rather than hours and minutes (listed as 9 lbs, 5.7 oz and 22.5"), however a newly updated promo piece corrected the film's length to "many, many years."

For more information on this new release, predicted to be the biggest hit of 2011, contact Lloyd Ravn at