Friday, November 17, 2006

Notes from the "I'm glad I decided not to say it" file

Copied from my MySpace blog. First posted sometime in July (I forgot to check the date before I deleted it from MySpace).

Mrs. Lloyd and I stopped into the Boardwalk Pub last week for lunch. We sat out on the patio and enjoyed the nice weather and jalapeno poppers. Just before our food came, my wife said "we should change places, so you get a nice view of the lake for a while."

I turned around and looked out towards the lake. I saw the water, and a few people enjoying the park, but nothing remarkable. Then I looked back at the view I had of the server's station where several waitresses were assembled and fought the urge to say "no thanks, the view is better from here" and instead said "no, that's ok. You've had a long week, you enjoy the view."

Thinking before you speak is the cornerstone of a successful marraige.


Robin said...

Copied from Lloyd's MySpace blog. Comment posted November 18, 2006

Does your wife read your blog? Cause, if she does, she now nows you're a dirty pervert that oggles young waitresses.

Oggling is wrong...very, very wrong.

Jason said...

Copied from Lloyd's MySpace blog. Comment posted November 21, 2006

My wife would have looked behind herself to see why I want her to enjoy the view instead of me. But thats because she knows I am very observant, so observant that when we go out to the amusment park, she hides my sunglasses so she can keep a better watch of my eyes. You don't always have to worry about your words...