Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Safety Lessons

Check out this car I saw in February on Eglinton Avenue in Scarborough.

I HATE when people are too lazy to clean the snow off of their car. What a hazzard, driving behind a blizzard on wheels. And when the car heats up enough that the big mound of snow slides off the back, I don't want to be behind it.

It's almost as dangerous as taking pictures of other cars with your Blackberry while driving, don't you think?

Monday, March 30, 2009

More Unfortunate Branding

The Nursery School my son Eric attends is located within a public school in Scarborough. Across the hall is also a day care centre. Of course, the day care centre feeds the kids hot meals each day. I noticed one day that the holding dish thingies that they use have a confusing looking brand.

I think it's supposed to say "Duke" but when I look at it, my first thought is always...

Puke. Do you see it too, or is it just me?

An Open Letter To A McDonald's Drive-Thru

Love, Toronto's insomniac community.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Literal Branding

Recently, Jodi saw a couple of documentaries on CBC's Doc Zone that changed our lives.

One was about plastic and all of the bad things that it might or might not be doing to our bodies. So now we have much less plastic around the house. Not even the Britta water filter was spared.

The other was about synthetic chemicals in general, and how little testing has been done on their effects on us. The result is that we now have a lot more "all-natural" stuff around the house. Case in point: "Natural Tea Tree Oil Toothpaste".

My first thought was, "it says on the back that the available flavours include mint. Why would you pick ginger? Who wants to start the day with a mouthfull of ginger?"

Then I tried it. While brushing I noticed the brand name.

Desert Essence. What an appropriate brand name for a product that tastes like sand and dead rattlesnakes.

Superstar doggie

In some ways, 2008 was a tough year in our house. Our 3-year-old, Eric, had a major stroke in July. From July to December, he was in the hospital, either as an in-patient or a day-patient, when he had to be at the hospital all day every day for intense therapy.

As time passed, it was hard for us to balance everything, and the one who was suffering was our dog, Ivan. If you've followed my blog, you know about Ivan. But poor Ivan was alone all the time, and not getting the attention or exercise he needed and deserved. So we made the decision to find him a home where he would get that attention.

Now, it seems that it was a good decision for Ivan. We think that his new family recognized the star potential in him and have him on TV already. Check out this picture I took of a commercial for Idomo furniture store that was on TV in January.

If that isn't Ivan, it's his brother or sister. For sure. I know it.

And don't give me the "all huskies look alike" thing. That's Ivan. I know it.

Unless, of course, all huskies look alike.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Geography Lesson

A few weeks ago, Jodi was out of town for work over a few days, so it was just me and the boys at home. I wanted to make things as simple as possible, so bought a lot of convenience foods for us to eat. Canned stuff, dried stuff, and frozen stuff. Like a bag of "Europe's Best" frozen potatoes. They looked delicious, but tasted much less so.

As I was cooking them, I noticed something on the back of the bag:

Product of...

India .

What does that say about Europe when their best comes from India? Or has Europe annexed India somehow? I haven't really been following the news lately. I might have missed that.

What's in a Name? Silicone?

Te North York District Leisure Skating 2008-2009 Flyer.

One of the contact names on the back (although this image is blurry, and you can't see it, so you will have to take my word for it) is Titti Dunn.

Do you think that would be a rough name to grow up with?

"Whose bra is that?"
"It's Titti's."
"I know, but whose?"

Friday, March 27, 2009

Good Advice

On a cold December night in Quebec, I stopped to gas up the car.

Looks just like any gas pump you'd see anywhere, right? Until I saw this warning:

Good advice. In Quebec in winter, I plan to protect BOTH of my NIPs.

My Favourite Place Name In Canada

St-Louis-du-Ha! Ha! in Quebec.
In a province full of communities named after obscure saints, this is the best. I love how they even have the exclamation marks in there.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

More clumsy animals

Get your nose out of my butt!

Another tree collision

This poor deer has his antlers stuck between the trees.

Clumsiest ducks ever.

Jodi's right. I need help.

A Tribute To Clumsy Animals

At Bloorview Kids Rehab Centre, in Toronto, where my son Eric recevies treatment, they have a lovely carved woodland scene near the elevators on the basement level, on your way to the pools.
At first glance, it seems to be just a lovely woodland scene. Then, you realize it is more than that.

It turns out to be a tribute to clumsy animals. For instance:

Look at this scene, with a mommy deer and her baby fawn. So nice. Until...


And what about these happy duckies?

Just happy duckies? Look again.

This one flew right into a tree! Appropriate, I suppose, in a hospital whose mission includes helping kids with brain injuries.

More to follow...

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


"Elephant Pass Cookings" on Markham Road in Scarborough. My new favourite restaurant name in the world.
Great name, but I wasn't brave enough to test the cookings that were passed by an elephant. Instead, we went next door to McDonald's for cookings that were passed by a clown.

My Boy, The Bully

A couple of action shots taken by my sister-in-law, Meghan, of my son Alex and her son Andrew, who is three months younger than Alex.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The measure of a good trip

About an hour before leaving for the airport.

Cuba's New Revolution

Protesting in Revolution Square for more rights for husbands.

Monday, March 23, 2009

A Realization

I totally recognize that dude. Who is he?

Oh yeah, the guy from the t-shirts!


Jodi, come get our picture taken with the dude from the t-shirts.

Best Museum Display Ever

At the Museo De La Revolucion in Havana, Cuba

The note to George Bush Sr. says "Thanks, cretin because you've helped us TO CONSOLIDATE OUR REVOLUTION". The note to Ronald Reagan next to it is similar.

Sunday, March 22, 2009


A sign that kids are having fun on vacation: they take a faceplant in the sand, eat half the beach and come up laughing.

Even when their father takes the time to shoot a picture rather than help.

Sweet Dreams Are Made of These

Hamburgers, fries, a beer, sunshine, and a sunburn on my bald spot!
4/5 = great vacation.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

More travel tips

If you are travelling with "diva" types, make sure that, when you go to shoot a picture of the group, the diva gets to hold a kid like everyone else, or else the photo shoot will end in tears.

Kim, our family's diva.

Like the sands of time

Varadero, Cuba Blog post number 3:

Tip for travellers to beach destinations:

Upon returning to your hotel room from the beach, don't let the kids crawl around until AFTER a bath.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Time to tidy up

OK, here is post two about our recent trip to beautiful Varadero, Cuba.

After my much-needed refreshment break we began unpacking. Once all of our clothes were neatly packed into the closets, we stored some other gear on some shelves.

More to follow...

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Back in Business? Mayabe.

I have made one post in the past ten months on this bloggy thingy. I know you've been checking in every day for more, and I am sorry to have disappointed you. Please forgive me.

Well, Lloyd's Llunch Counter is back in business, and in celebration of the grand re-opening, we have a special Cuban menu! The first few posts upon my return to blogdom will be about my recent trip to Cuba.

For Christmas, my in-laws arranged a trip to Cuba for the entire family (them, us, our kids, Jodi's sister Meghan, her husband and son, and Jodi's two neices). We stayed at an all-inclusive resort in Varadero (Blau Varadero). I didn't know if I would be into the all-inclusive resort thing, but it was so nice and relaxing. I haven't been so relaxed in a very long time.

When we arrived, and checked into our room, I headed straight for the mini-bar. The dude who brought up our luggage let me know it would be fully-stocked! I found out that this meant 1 bottle of water, 2 colas and 2 beers. I figured I shouldn't have a beer right away, and then saw the brand of beer and thought "mayabe I should".