Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Wake up to the freshness of...

You may remember (I'm talking to the three of you who check my blog on a semi-regular basis) that a few months ago I posted about Jodi's plans to remove as many unnecessary chemicals as possibile from our lives. We use a lot of all-natural products now, which is a great idea, for us and for Mother Earth.

However, the toothpast options are pretty sad for us natural product users. I complained about Ginger-flavoured toothpaste in the aforementioned blog entry, so Jodi responded by changing flavours.

Now, I can brush my teeth in the morning with the fresh taste of...

All-natural Toothpaste
... Fennel!
Sexy, huh? Kissing me is like making out with a bag of licorice candies!

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