Sunday, March 29, 2009

Literal Branding

Recently, Jodi saw a couple of documentaries on CBC's Doc Zone that changed our lives.

One was about plastic and all of the bad things that it might or might not be doing to our bodies. So now we have much less plastic around the house. Not even the Britta water filter was spared.

The other was about synthetic chemicals in general, and how little testing has been done on their effects on us. The result is that we now have a lot more "all-natural" stuff around the house. Case in point: "Natural Tea Tree Oil Toothpaste".

My first thought was, "it says on the back that the available flavours include mint. Why would you pick ginger? Who wants to start the day with a mouthfull of ginger?"

Then I tried it. While brushing I noticed the brand name.

Desert Essence. What an appropriate brand name for a product that tastes like sand and dead rattlesnakes.

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