Saturday, June 5, 2010

On behalf of all mankind

In my apartment building, people who don't want stuff anymore bring the stuff to the laundry room in case someone else wants it. There's always all kinds of junk, maybe a couple of good things (I grabbed some cars for the boys one day). But we live in a building mostly populated by elderly people, so there are a lot of old books dropped off. I can just imagine the thought process: "you never know who might need a step-by-step guide to how to operate a Commodore 64!"

Here's a book I found there one day:

"Dvorak's Guide to PC Telecommunications"

Published in 1990.

The next picture is too blurry to actually read, but important to the story:

The dedication says "For all mankind".

Wow, if we'd only known years ago that this guy had given us such a gift. Imagine what a different world we might live in today.

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