Monday, June 7, 2010

I didn't know he worked in a grocery store

I saw this sign on a display of apples at my local grocery store.

Apples McIntosh FCY

The FCY part threw me off. I know that it means "Fancy" which is a grade of apples. But when I read it, I thought it was saying "Fucky" which is what angry stand-up comedian Darren Frost often calls audience members. For a split second, I thought Darren had been hired to write these things. Which would be awesome. I also imagine he'd put up signs like:

"They're carrots, dumbfuck."
"These are condoms, please use them so we don't get little fuckies like you."
"It's chocolate cake. You might as well eat the whole thing, lard ass."
"This is non-alcoholic beer. Pussy."

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