Monday, January 7, 2008

The Virgin and Puppy

So I just got home to Toronto after a couple of weeks "back home" in Sussex, New Brunswick visiting family. It was nice.

Something that caught my eye while I was there was a news story in the local weekly paper, The Kings County Record. It was a full-page. Colour. Must be big news, eh?

Apparently a local canine agility group staged a production of the Nativity story at a church to raise money for an animal shelter in the closest town big enough to have an animal shelter. Nice. A good cause. And so festive

Did I mention that each part in the play was performed by dogs? Check it out.

I heard some people commenting that they felt this was sacreligious or something (keep in mind that this is a rural and conservative area). I don't see it that way. I just think it's bizarre. And it's one thing for people to do it, and for people to come see it. But it's another thing altogether the newspaper to run a FULL-PAGE STORY about dogs dressed up as the three Weimaraner Men. Even in a town of 5,000 there are more important things to put in the newspaper than this. It is not nearly impressive enough to warrant a full page in colour.

You want to impress me? Get the dogs to stage a production of Cats. Then I'll come out to see Bandit's interpretation of the Magical Mr. Mistoffelees.

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Brooks said...

We need pictures!! I wonder if the shepherd tried to hump the sheep?