Monday, December 31, 2007


Last year at around this time, I awarded the first annual Lloydy awards (Lloyd's 2006 Mmost Aawesome Aawards. This year, there are new categories, and exciting winners in each category. So, let's get on with the ceremony, and present the statues.

First, in the category of "news story of the year", the winner is the big event that happened on December 13. Click here to read more.

Next, the winner of the best birthday gift of 2007 is the gift I received 13 days after my birthday. Click here to read more about my birthday gift.

The third award to be handed out is for the best Christmas present of 2007. The winner is this gift I received 12 days before Christmas. Runners up in this category are: my wife signing me up for the Second City's Improv Comedy classes (level A) and; my new GPS system from my in-laws, which I have named Molly after the little girl on Heroes who can find anybody. (after giving me a Serius Satelite Radio last year for Christmas and the GPS this year, my in-laws have more than doubled the value of my Chevrolet Aveo!); and also the donation to Bloorview Kids Rehab that my mother made in our names (this is the place where my son receives his physiotherapy and occupational therapy and attends nursery school).

Finally, in the category of Best Anniversary Present for 2007, the award if for the present my wife and I shared, which we received 18 days before our 10th anniversary (which, by the way is today). Click here to read more about this award winner.

So, there are the Lloydy Awards for 2007. As you can see, it was a clean sweep. What a great year.

Happy New Year everybody.


Lloyd, Jjodi, Eeric and Aalex

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