Monday, January 28, 2008

Next Stop: World Domination

Apparently, in Texas these days, it isn't cool to use racial slurs anymore. Welcome to modern times, Texas!

Although, to be fair, it's not like they're not being racist anymore. It's just that they are trying not to get caught being racist. So, instead of using everyone's favourite racial slurs, like the N word, they have decided to come up with a code. The key to cracking the code isn't too hard. They just picked one word, and substituted it for all of the racial slurs they didn't want to be heard uttering anymore. That word: Canadian. Click here for the whole story.

It's about time someone down there noticed us! I feel so honoured that our country has become such an important part of the South's time-honoured tradition of bigotry!

This information has helped me make up my mind as to who I will be cheering on in the U.S. elections. I really hope Barak Obama wins. Because wouldn't it be cool to finally have a Canadian in the White House?


Brooks said...

Well, Lloyd, I am from Georgia and to me, Canadian means "someone from Canada." Now it may just be me, but I thought that was the proper definition of the word. Oh, and one more thing... All of us hicks down here ain't like the ones you see on tv. I am not racist at all. I hate everyone equally. :)

Lloyd said...

Even me?

I know everyone down south isn't a TV hick, but the whole "Obama is a Canadian" thing wouldn't have worked if I had downplayed that part. I think it might not have worked anyhow. Oh well.

Mandy said...

ha ha ... I wonder what the Canadians who live next door to my parents in Houston think of that!

oh, and that the 1st good reason I have heard to actually vote for Obama.