Friday, January 11, 2008

Do they serve apple pie?

Do you know anything about Guyanese culture? Do they eat apple pie in Guyana? Because when I see the picture below, of a slogan for a Guyanese-Chinese restaurant in my neighbourhood, all I can picture is that scene from American Pie.

Guyanese Restaurant Man Love

I Man Love It? What the hell? Is this the headquarters for NAMFLA (North American Man-Food Love Association).

Is this even legal? You hear about strip clubs being raided all the time for innapropriate activity between dancers and patrons. What about inappropriate activity between dessert and patron? (No, I don't mean the girl at the Brass Rail who goes by the stage name of "Dessert", I mean dessert). I am outraged by this depravity in my neighbourhood!

So, who wants to join me to go check this joint out?

I never knew Eugene Levy was Guyanese


Straw said...

I'm a little bit frightened by "roti-curry." It makes me think of Roto Rooter, which is not unlike the effect that curry sometimes has on me.

Lloyd said...

I love the roto rooter slogan. "We're #1 in the #2 business." Nice.