Thursday, December 6, 2007


Did you hear about Celine Dion's canceled concert in Halifax? Apparently her husband/manager/daddy saw some negative comments about her in the local media so he canceled the show. If they canceled her shows in every town where someone said something nasty about her, she would never perform anywhere!

Hey! That's a good idea, huh?

Maybe the creepy old dude watches for blogs about his wafer-thin bride as closely as he watches media outlets for mentions of her name. If so, then maybe this is our chance to see that Halifax isn't the only city to benefit from his thin skin.

I propose that this become the official "Do Not Come" list for Celine Dion. It will be much like the US Government's "Do Not Call" list for telemarketers. Instead of putting your name on the list to keep telemarketers from pestering you over the phone, you can put your city or town on the list to keep Her Royal Translucent-ness from screeching in your local arena.

If you would like to avoid a live version of Where Does My Heart Beat Now being performed anywhere near you, leave a comment at the end of this blog stating your town or city name. I can't promise that it will work, but it will be fun anyhow. Send this link ( your friends and family and maybe we can get enough cities on the list that they just won't bother booking any more concerts and will just stick to raising their son/daughter(?)

Celine Dion and her beautiful daughter, Rene-Charles

Or maybe we'll just piss off a bunch of Celine Dion fans, and that would be fun too.

I'll start the list with Scarborough, Ontario, Canada. Seconded?


Anonymous said...


Keep her out of Old Fort, TN for sure.

Anonymous said...


add San Antonio, TX....she's scheduled to come here soon. I keep threatening my Mom (who despises "screechy" as she calls her) with tickets for Christmas, but I wouldn't waste my money.

Anonymous said...

Definately keep her out of Moncton. We were having fun when Halifax was originally 'selected' saying that we "dodged the bullet". Now that Halifax has pissed her off it took a bit of the fun out of it. Now Halifax has announced other bands that will NOT be playing there in 2008 including U2, AC/DC and the Beatles.

Cheers! Neal M.

Anonymous said...

AMEN! - When she runs out of big places to visit, I want to make sure Havelock, NB and Sussex, NB are already on the do not visit list for little places. We can never be too careful!


Jen said...

Sorry, but I have always enjoyed listening to Celine and cannot support your RANT! She is fortunate to have the support of her husband, regardless of what he may or may not be! Canceling the show may be excessive - I don't know what was said - but she can afford to miss a town here and there! (Every one of her shows sold out in Las Vegas for Pete's sake! And those tickets were not cheap! Somebody must love her!)

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with the Jen posting. I listen to my Celine Dion Christmas cd all through the festive season and quite enjoy it. :) Janet

Janet O'K said...

I just want to say that the previous post is definitely not me, Janet from CWD. For the record I wouldn't be caught dead listening to a Celine Dion record, especially not a Christmas record. Add Flint, MI, Detroit, MI and all cities in between to the list, please.

Kim said...

What a coincidence that the word "HELL" appears on this magazine cover shot behind Celine; because that is exactly where I'd rather be than at one of her shows....... KimWoo from Halifax

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but I think Celine is amazing, and I think that you should not do this. I mean, what if someone else did this to you for someone you admire? There's at least one person that is not gonna like someone, and you can just let them be and not see them. I mean, you don't have to go to their concert if you don't like them. Just let the fans go.