Saturday, December 1, 2007

Thoughts on turning 35

First of all, thank you for all of the birthday e-mails and facebook wall posts and MySpace comments. You're Llovely, you really are.

In honour of my 35th birthday, I was going to put up a new Lloydmas carol, but never got around to it. As far as I got was the title ("The First Two Ls") and the last couple of lines (about as far as I got with last year's Lloydmas carol). It would have ended with:

Two Ls, two Ls, two Ls, two Ls,
Born is the guy whose name no-one can spell

Anyhow, now that the Lloydmas season is over, I hope you enjoy your Christmas season. By the way, did you notice that stores are putting up their Christmas decorations earlier and earlier? It used to be tradition to wait until after the end of the Lloydmas celebrations, but nobody has any respect for tradition anymore.

So, that's it for me. Happy December.




Anonymous said...

my b-day is the 4th and we dont put up "holiday" stuff till after that ... totally with you on the decorations being up too early!!


david said...

happy birthday to you. in texican, your name would be pronounced 'yoyd,' as in the city of llano, tx, or the llano uplift.

ok, llano is the only word i know that is pronounced like that. shouldn't fake camels be called yamas?

Seth said...

Llife starts at forty, they say, so there's still five years left during which you could be legally aborted. Be advised!

Janet said...

I was rooting through Antique Mac the other day and came across my Rompermas carol. Unfortunately it appears to be the only carol I saved a copy of when I wrote them all that one December. I wish I still had yours, I would be singing it in your honour.