Sunday, November 18, 2007

And no guns either, please!

The convenience store across the street from my house has a sign on the window that says No masks allowed in the store (such as ski masks).

Can you think of any reason to wear a ski mask into a convenience store other than to rob it? I can't.

So, I guess when a gang of guys pulls up in front of this store, ready to storm the joint with their guns out, one guy is like "shit, we can't hit this place - no ski masks allowed. We'll have to try someplace else."


Brooks said...

Once again, you made me laugh so hard I got choked. You are gonna be the death of me one day, Lloyd.

KimWoo said...

The owners of this store are missing out on some serious business. Picture this, you're just finishing up a long day of snowmobiling through Scarborough and you're just dying for a Pepsi....... I mean, what's next, No Ski Doo Parking?? That city is so backwards!!