Sunday, February 4, 2007

Super Bowl Question

So I was listening to the radio yesterday, and there were a couple of jocks talking about football. Apparently there is some big football game today in the US or something.

These two guys were talking about the history of blackhead coaches in the Super Bowl.

Blackhead coaches? Are these football players such wimps that they need someone to help them through a few blackhead zits?

I've never understood football.


tex's two cents said...

it is not blackhead coaches.

it is black Head Coaches as in tony dungee and the other guy are the first 2 head coaches who are black to coach in the superbowl.

Cari said...

Hilarious... and very sad that I was buying it all along, wondering what the hell you were talking about until I read the first comment... slow Sunday in this head of mine! Anyway, don't ask questions, just buy the chips & dip and a case of beer anyway... it'll always get used...

Gunfighter said...