Thursday, February 14, 2008

What a way to make a living

So I'm back in the workforce finally. No more stay-at-home daddy life for me. I started on February 1, back at the company where I was working before I did the whole full-time parenting thing. Happy to be back, but I miss my days with my boy.

After two weeks back in the ofice, I have a few observations:

1. In two weeks, nobody has cried when it was time to change activities.
2. I have not been peed on once while in the office.
3. It is nice to have a reason to shave five days in a row for the first time in a year and a half.
4. I forgot what it was like to have multi-sylabic conversations all day long.


5. Nobody has given me a random hug at any point in the day.
6. Nobody seems thrilled beyond belief when I walk into the room. (not that they aren't happy, but just not as happy as Eric often is when I walk into the room)
7. In the past two weeks, I have not once had an afternoon nap with a little boy asleep on top of me.

The office world would be a lot better if we could have afternoon naps with our kids. I think I would be much more productive.


Mandy said...

well, thank go no one has peed on you!!!!

Andrea said...

Awww at the last three... but good luck back at work!