Friday, February 29, 2008

Breaking News

Do you ever read Metro News? You know it - the one that you can get for free at every bus stop in Toronto. Do you read it? Me either. But sometimes I see the headlines while I am waiting for the bus. (did I mention that now that I'm back at work, I take the bus every day?)

Yesterday (Thursday, February 28, 2008), the front page headline was "Teens not all tech wizards". Really? Wow. That's intense.

In related news:

* 50-sometings didn't all attend Woodstock.
* Senior citizens don't all smell like cabbage.
* Fat people not all jolly.
* Tall people not all basketball players.
* Redheads not all fiesty.
* Newspaper editors not all brilliant.

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ducksterz said...

hahaha! brilliant.