Sunday, February 10, 2008

Think of the children!

I had a membership at the local YMCA for a while, so I could get some much-needed exercise. Remember? I gave up the membership when I had bronchitis for a few weeks, and wasn't going. I haven't renewed it yet.

Anyhow, when I was going there, they had a big sign in the lobby that told people what their donations to the Scarborough YMCA would do in the community. According to the sign, donating to the YMCA helps local children get much-needed stills. I was outraged! Kids shouldn't be brewing moonshine in their backyard! Not in the city, anyhow. I can't believe that a so-called "community organization" supports youth alcoholism! I'll never go back.

Jodi tried to convince me that it was just a typo and that I should re-join and start exercising again, but no sir. I refuse to support such an organization by joining their gym, so I guess I'll just have to never work out again. Pass the moonshine, I'm staying in tonight.


Brooks said...

is the best excuse I have heard yet for not exercising!! I wish my local gym would support youth alcoholism!!

Mandy said...

perhaps the person who wrote the sign spent to much time at the stills