Monday, May 14, 2007

I like kids, but...

The other day, we stopped into Harvey's for a burger. And I have been wondering why my weight loss has been stuck at 25 lbs for the past few weeks.

So, I was eating my onion rings and noticed the image on the side of the onion rings container. It says "KIDS" in big letters across the container, with crayola crayons all around it. It's a promotion for their kids menu. Check out this fuzzy picture of the container:
Harvey's Fry Container

Then, I looked closely, and saw a logo in the corner saying "cooked in trans fat free oil." So, I guess my first impression was wrong. It turns out that this container wasn't promoting the kids menu, but the fact that Harvey's cooks kids in trans fat free oil. Apparently that is a beautiful thing.

Good for them. But is that even legal? And, do cannibals really care about trans fats? Besides, everyone knows that kids are better roasted than deep fried.


Jen said...

Funny. HaHa! I think kids taste better pickled, myself!!

Lady_Lauretta said...

Boy I'm glad I'm vegetarian. ;)

Diane said...

that's funny...mildly disturbing..but most of your humor is.

Thanks for the giggle

Melissa said...

You know how when you see a really cute baby you say "Oh, he's so cute, I could just eat him up"? Well, I never really MEANT it!