Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Finally, some recognition

This week's issue of NOW magazine in Toronto includes a full-length feature about me! Can you believe it?

OK, maybe I'm exaggerating. It's not so much a full-length feature, but more like a "featurette". A mini story about me. It's very flattering too.

Fine, I'm stretching the truth again. It's basically a short, three line profile about me and my comedy. Very short and succinct, but very informative at the same time.

OK, OK. I'm a big, fat liar. It's none of those things. There's just my name, listed amongst the comics performing tonight at Corktown Comedy (upstairs at Betty's, 240 King St. E. in Toronto at 8:30PM). So, it's not so exciting after all, but at least my name is in a magazine. Is yours? Scroll down to Wednesday May 16, if you want to witness my name in print!

By the way, if you haven't figured this out yet, the point of this blog is to drop a big hint that you should come see me at Corktown Comedy tonight at Betty's.


Lady_Lauretta said...

Hey handsome, I'll come see ya if you pay for the plane ticket. ;)

Melissa said...

Pretty cool to be "Lloyd Ravn" and not "and others". That must suck to be one of them. How funny is it that you are in NOW magazine and last year HERE magazine in NB did an article on me for small business week. Guess we're the HERE and NOW of our generation! Break a leg tonight BTW....I'll have to wait for your next Moncton appearance to attend. Melissa