Saturday, May 31, 2014

Funny, Daddy now available on YouTube

So a while ago, I recorded my solo show Funny, Daddy and offered it for sale, with partial proceeds going to Children's Wish Foundation. Some of you paid for the download. Thanks!
If you paid for it, but haven't watched it, I want to let you know that the link I sent will no longer be available (monthly fees for are higher than gross all-time sales for this video, so being a math genius, I realized that wasn't worth it). instead, the video is now on Youtube. Which means that if you didn't buy it, you can still watch it. (if you paid for it, and it now being freely available is a problem, send me a message and I'll refund your money).
Actually, rather than free, I'm considering it "Pay What You Want" (PWYW). If you watch it, feel free to pay whatever you think it was worth using the PayPal link in the video description on YouTube. If you would prefer to watch for free, that's cool, too.
I won't hound you about this, I promise. i might send out a reminder or two, but I won't be as much of as pest as many of you have told me I was in the past. Promise.

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