Monday, November 14, 2011

Listen Live to the Canada's Next Top Comic Final Gala

I'm sitting in the departure area of the Moncton airport, waiting for my flight to Toronto, via Porter Airlines. I am excited to be flying into the Toronto Island airport for the first time. But even more exciting - I'm flying to Toronto for the final gala of Sirius XM's Canada's Next Top Comic contest!

After competing as one of 17 comics on the Halifax "audition", I was named as one of five semi-finalists to move on to the online voting round. Thanks to great support from my friends and family (and local media, including Information Morning Saint John on CBC Radio, The Kings County Record, CJCW Radio, Here Magazine and the Telegraph Journal, I received enough votes to move on as one of the eleven finalists at Tuesday night's show at Yuk Yuk's in downtown Toronto. I'll be competing against some of the top up-and-coming comics in Canada for a chance to win $10,000!

I've been told that the show is sold out, so those of you in Toronto won't have to worry about trying to come up with an excuse to not come! But if you are broken up about not being able to make it to the show, I have some good news! You can listen to the show live, if you have XM Satellite Radio! Just tune into Laugh Attack, the Canadian-focused comedy channel on XM Channel 160 Tuesday night (November 15, 2011) at 6PM EST (that's 7PM for my friends in the Maritimes - 7:30 in Newfoundland - see I even do the math for you. This is so easy!)

"But, Lloyd, I don't have XM!" 

Why not? You really should.

Well, the next good news is, you can sign up for a free, online trial at and you can listen to XM for two weeks on your computer or your phone! So, go ahead and sign up for a trial, and tune in Tuesday night for the show. 

On the off-chance that you still need convincing, check out these videos from my fellow finalists for a preview of what to expect tomorrow night:

(note - there are words on these videos that your boss might not like you to listen to at work, or your wife might not want you to listen to in front of the kids.)

Brian Aylward

Christine Medrano:

Dom Pare:

Eddie Della Siepe:

Eric Andrews:

Julia Hladkowicz:

Kyle Jones:

Myles Morrison:

Peter White:

Sterling Scott:

Funny stuff, eh? So, listen to the show. You will be sad if you don't, and nobody wants to hang out with a sad person.

See you soon.



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