Sunday, March 29, 2009

Superstar doggie

In some ways, 2008 was a tough year in our house. Our 3-year-old, Eric, had a major stroke in July. From July to December, he was in the hospital, either as an in-patient or a day-patient, when he had to be at the hospital all day every day for intense therapy.

As time passed, it was hard for us to balance everything, and the one who was suffering was our dog, Ivan. If you've followed my blog, you know about Ivan. But poor Ivan was alone all the time, and not getting the attention or exercise he needed and deserved. So we made the decision to find him a home where he would get that attention.

Now, it seems that it was a good decision for Ivan. We think that his new family recognized the star potential in him and have him on TV already. Check out this picture I took of a commercial for Idomo furniture store that was on TV in January.

If that isn't Ivan, it's his brother or sister. For sure. I know it.

And don't give me the "all huskies look alike" thing. That's Ivan. I know it.

Unless, of course, all huskies look alike.

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