Thursday, March 1, 2007

Delicious Canada

Chicks dig guys who can cook, right? Right? Did I mention that I went to culinary school? I graduated in 1996, from a two-year culinary arts diploma program. I have worked in every kind of professional kitchen you can imagine. Greasy spoons, a funky London wine bar; a beautiful country inn, a world famous resort hotel and more. Chicks dig that, right?

Well, if that doesn't make you swoon, what if I told you that I studied at the Culinary Institute of Canada? Sexy, eh? What's so sexy about the CIC, you ask? Well, for one thing, it is, for the second time in a row, home to Culinary Youth Team Canada. As the website says,

These eight young chefs, all of whom trained at Holland College’s Culinary Institute of Canada, have been selected to represent the country in the most prestigious international culinary competition in the world, the Internationale Kochkunst Ausstellung, more commonly known as the Culinary Olympics, in Efurt, Germany in October of 2008

Pretty sweet, huh? But it doesn't end there. This week, at the World Junior Grand Prix in Glasgow, Scotland, Culinary Youth Team Canada was crowned "World Grand Prix Culinary Champions"! This is huge. Canadians should be really proud of this team.

Check out the website, and have a look at the pictures from Glasgow on the News page (three of my chef instructors can be seen there: Team Manager, Chef Craig Youdale as well as Coaches Chef Hans Anderegg - you might recognize him from TVs "The Next Great Chef" - and Chef Richard Braunauer). Leave them a message letting them know that Canada is proud to have the world's best young chefs.

And don't forget ladies - I studied at that great school, under those incredible chef instructors. Pretty hot, eh? Like, rockstar hot. If you want me to autograph your breasts or underwear, just let me know.




Cari said...

Dead sexy indeed. Can you please confirm how one would pronounce "Kochkunst"?

Lloyd said...

Hey! This is a family program!