Thursday, January 17, 2013

BS doesn't kill people

Imagine if the PR people behind the gun lobby started branching out into other industries. How much fun would it be to take the whole "yes, we designed a weapon whose sole purpose is to kill human beings, but we don't advocate killing human beings, and besides you have the right to have these things, so get lots of them!" to, say, the automobile industry.

Picture the fun press conferences:

"Today, we're announcing the new feature on all of our cars: the sharpened bumper. It is much more efficient in taking down pedestrians. Not that we are in favour of killing pedestrians, but it's your right to have a device that could kill pedestrians in the most efficient manner possible. They can take our pedestrian-killers from us when they pry the keys from our cold, dead, hands"

Or the food industry:

"This new product is designed to give all of your dinner guests a fatal form of food posioning. Not that we suggest you use it for that purpose, but this is a matter of basic rights!"

Or the family planning industry:

"These condoms will shoot deadly darts into your lover. Of course, you will only use them for target practice, but don't let the commie pinkos tell you it's wrong to own them!"

Just imagine the batshit-crazy anti-Obama ads they could write.Or the nifty ways they could blame the misuse of these products on homosexuality, Islamification of America, or Super Mario.

Anyway, I was just thinking about that. And that's my right.

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