Saturday, April 4, 2009

Thanks Tropicana!

I loves me some Tropicana orange juice. mmmm.

For a while now, Tropicana has offered 10 free Aeroplan miles with each jug of juice you buy. That's right. 10 free Aeroplan miles. (for the non-Canadian readers, Aeroplan miles are the frequent flyer points for Air Canada).


So, if I drink a jug of juice per week all year, I will have 520 extra points.

Check the Aeroplan website and you will see that they offer flights "starting at 15,000 points". So, if I drink Tropicana for 28 years, I will be able to afford Air Canada's cheapest flight!

So, get ready Thunder Bay. I'll be coming your way in 28 years!

1 comment:

Curtis said...

Regrettably, as Aeroplan miles now expire a few years after they are earned, you will never make it to Thunder Bay.