Thursday, April 24, 2008

Reverse Psychology Protesting

I read in the newspaper this morning about protestors in Edmonton, protesting against a coal gasification project near the city. They assembled in front of City Hall for their demonstration, in which they used origami paper geese to call attention to the effect the project might have on migratory birds.

Environmental protestors using thousands of sheets of paper to prove a point? Killing trees to save trees? This could revolutionize the protest industry. Some ways in which this new protest method could be put to use by other groups:

-Right-to-lifers arranging to have their members all have public abortions to draw attention to the plight of the fetus.

-Civil rights demonstrators organizing their protestors in an orderly fashion by race, religion, gender and sexuality to point out the plight of minorities.

-Anti-war protestors opening fire on women and children to show how destructive war is.

-Protestors at the G8 meetings outsourcing their protest to India for wages well below the poverty line.

I think this new reverse psychology protesting will be very exciting. Thank you, Edmonton protestors for this fun new trend you have started.

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