Thursday, October 4, 2007

Faith Hill Can Feel Me Breathe...

...from all the way in Nashville or wherever she lives.

Because I have asthma, and when I have a heavy-breathing moment, it's noticeable for miles and miles. At least it seems to me like it must be.

I never used to have asthma, but I do now. I had bronchitis earlier this year, for like seven weeks. I was coughing up bits of stuff that I probably needed. This was right around the time that I was to emcee the reception thingy after my sister-in-law's wedding, so I was worried I wouldn't get through it. But I consumed a week's worth of cough syrup that afternoon, so I was fine (or at least I was until I got lost in Charlottetown at three in the morning). That was also the same strategy I used to get through a twenty minute set at Yuk Yuk's in Moncton earlier that week.

So, after seven weeks of suffering, complaining and wondering "what was that that just flew across the room when I coughed?", you'd think I'd get over it and everything would go back to normal, eh? Of course not. I still couldn't breathe right, so my doctor had a bunch of tests done where I breathed into things, and sucked on things (!!!) and he tells me that I have asthma.

So now I have two puffer thingies. One that I suck on twice a day every day, and one that I use for relief when I need it.

The day that I went to pick up the second one, the pharmacist warned me that it might give me a bit of a buzz. Apparently it does in some people, but not in everybody. Just a little light-headedness and the like. No big deal, but it sounded good to me.

So I get home, take a pull off of it, and... no light head. Not even a bit of dizzyness. No buzz of any kind.

I can't even do asthma right.


david said...

the obvious answer is that you need to take more puffs.

Rebecca said...

or smoke it

Kim said...

or find a new dealer..I mean doctor...