Thursday, July 5, 2007

Happy Belated Birthday, Canada

Happy belated Canada Day, everyone. Well, not everyone.

I have a different message for the people who decided that the best way to celebrate the 140th birthday of our country was to spend the day in a beautiful park (say, for instance, Thomson Park in Scarborough, near my house), having a picnic and leaving their picnic garbage scattered everywhere in the park that they had thought earlier in the day was a lovely enough park for them to enjoy a family outing in. Then, when the sun went down, they decided to set off some fireworks right outside my two-year old's bedroom window, waking him up. Don't get me wrong - I'm not a complete scrooge. I am more than willing to spend a few sleepless hours shushing my son back to sleep while people celebrate our great country's birthday. But after they were done waking my whole family with their fireworks, why couldn't they pick up the little tubes and the empty boxes and bags and food bits that ended up scattered around the field while they were celebrating? Is Canada good enough to celebrate, but not good enough to keep clean? JUST PICK UP YOUR STUFF AND TAKE IT TO THE TRASH CAN AFTER YOUR PICNIC AND FIREWORKS!!!

To those people, my beleated Canada Day message is: I hope your Uncle Fred undercooked the hamburgers on the barbecue, giving the whole family a bad dose of e. coli and leaving you all relying on dialysis for the rest of your life.

Once again, to everyone who cleaned up after themselves after their celebrations: Happy Belated Canada Day.




Anonymous said...

Wow, there are men that actually care about this sort of thing? Thank god.

Oh yes.... and when you replace Canada Day with Independence Day, you still have the very same thing, just applied to the US.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the people who left the mess were Americans.

Nelson: Ha-ha!

david said...

texas has been a country longer than canadialand.