Tuesday, April 10, 2007

FAQ 1 - Hey, didn't you quit comedy?

This will be part one of a series in which I answer questions that people have sent me. It'll be fun! Just you watch. This time, the question is:

"Hey Lloyd, didn't you quit doing that stand-up comedy stuff back in November?"

Where did you get that idea? Who said that? Me, quit comedy? I would never say something like that.

Ok, maybe I did. In a moment of weakness. Here's the thing - I was tired, grumpy and stressed out about a bunch of stuff. Like money, and my son's health and stuff. I wasn't really feeling like being out in bars and whatever.

Then I had a couple of crappy sets at two shows that are usually very good shows. At the first one, I wasn't ready when my name was called, and I ended up all flustered and never quite recovered. The next time, I got flustered by a couple of comics in the audience who made it clear to the small audience before I even said a word that they weren't expecting anything funny from me. The audience spent the first two minutes of my set watching those two guys pretending to laugh and then getting up and stomping out while chatting away. I never really got the audience back, although I did get some laughs finally on my last line.

I decided about half way through that set that I would never put myself through that again. I wasn't mad at what those guys did. It's pretty much what I would expect from them, and I have to learn how to deal with interruptions. I was mad at myself for not dealing with the situation better.

Anyhow, the point is, rather than say "I'm going to take some time off, and maybe try again after Christmas", I got all dramatic and said "forget it, I'm quitting" and put that on my blog and canceled my MySpace comedy account and canceled a couple of shows that were already booked.

Several comics e-mailed me saying "don't be so quick to decide. Just take some time away and then maybe try again sometime." I was too stubborn, but they were right. It wasn't long before I missed it. So, when I was home in New Brunswick in March, I decided to give it a go again at the Moncton Yuk Yuk's amateur night. If I enjoyed that, I would give it another try. I enjoyed it.

So, here I am, outside, drunk, yelling up to the bedroom window saying "please forgive me, comedy. I was wrong. Please let me back in. I'm sorry. I'll never do it again. I love you! PLEASE TAKE ME BACK!!!"

By the way, I'll be onstage this coming Sunday, April 15 at The Comedy Clinic, upstairs at The Fox & Fiddle, 106 John Street (at Adelaide, south of Hooters). Come on out and have a laugh. Just don't get me all flustered, or I'll have to quit this whole comedy thing.


Sharon said...

So very glad you're back at it.

Gunfighter said...

I would go if I were going to be in town, Lloyd... you were always able to make me laugh really hard.