Monday, January 29, 2007

Fun with food

In a recent blog, I told the story of how my sister-in-law's fiancé and I had a laugh at the way a small restaurant in North Rustico, PEI spelled "Sandwiches" on their menu (click here to read it if you missed it).

I would like to take this opportunity to address two of the many (well, six) comments that were posted on that blog.

First, an anonymous commenter implied that since we had been sent for take-out, we were officially man-bitches. Well, they didn't exactly imply that. They came right out and said it. I just wanted to point out that going for take-out does NOT make us man-bitches. We just wanted to get away from the wedding planning that was going on back at the cottage. That's right. We were in PEI to work on plans for their wedding, which will be this summer on a PEI beach.

So, just to be clear, going for food doesn't make us man-bitches. Being part of the wedding planning party does.

In our next letter, Bec from Toronto says "I'd love to know what you two were laughing about while waiting for your food."

Well, Bec. That's a great question. We were laughing at something else on the menu. Due to limited space on the menu board over the counter, one item was listed with its price smushed up against it with no space in between, making it look like it was all one thing. It looked like this:


Our only question was: where do you put the chicken wings in this particular offering? Then we realized that we really didn't want to know.

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Cari said...

I'm sorry for calling you a man-bitch, but here you go making it hard for me again... you travelled HOW far? for wedding planning? don't give me that, we went for sandwishes to avoid it, you know you sat THRU lots! Now blog about that! I love ya Lloyd, just bustin' ur balls...